The Joys of Simply Being a Single Parent

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Being a single parent can be a result of different experiences in life. It can also be one’s personal choice, similar to one’s choice of getting married, both of which having their own unique joys and struggles. What life map guides a parent to be successful in raising his or her children?

Is there such a thing, to start with? There are several parenting seminars, books and websites to choose from and any of these can make a positive contribution in teaching one to be the best single parent in the world.

There are also people who share their stories and impart their words of wisdom to those in similar situations, with the goal to uplift those who are feeling hopeless. But a parent’s instinct and insights cannot be ignored as well.

Most of the time, it is the parent who knows his or her child the most, who can really handle the situation better than anyone else.

Certainly, parenthood is not an easy responsibility. If a single parent is employed, he or she has to juggle his or her time to do some errands, take care of household necessities, clean the house, sustain financial needs, attend children’s school activities and spend precious bonding moments with the children.

Not having the time to take a deep breath and enjoy the scenery, so to speak, can draw a person to exhaustion. Sometimes, parents have to take a leave from work when the child or the children are sick.

being a single parent
In an entire school year, parents have to attend parent-teacher conferences, watch their children perform in school and participate in a variety of school or community activities. It can be a very demanding ‘job’ but it can also hone one’s own strength, skills and character.

There are various ways for single parents to get accustomed to their new situation and eventually embrace it. For one, being conscious and knowledgeable about single parent benefits and the organizations that can provide these can be very advantageous.

In fact, just the thought that there are many people who can lend a hand gives parents a feeling of relief. Single parents also appreciate that there are support groups everywhere who recognize their needs aside from money concerns.

Getting involved in these groups, asking for help and sharing whatever they can give can make their world bigger and more meaningful. Jessica Ashley shared her very touching story about being a single parent in The Blog, What I’ve Learned About Motherhood by Being a Single Mom.

Her journey started from having a happy family and marriage that eventually turned sour and led to a depressing divorce. But despite what she went through, she was able to survive and found a way to explain to her child the so-called ‘unique story’ of their family.

She was able to put herself back together again and start building her dreams once more for her child and herself.

At the end of the day, most single parents take pride not just in their capability as good providers but also as parents who enjoy watching their children grow, parents who take part in their children’s little and big victories and parents who love their children so much that they mean more than the whole world to them.

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